What Kind of RV Are You?

We went deep into the RV lab to come up with this sophisticated, field-tested, science-approved quiz.
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You got: Class A Motorhome!

You enjoy a home away from home, and your RV should be just that. Hitting the open road with those nearest and dearest to you is the perfect vacation.
You got: Fifth Wheel!

You like to have a good time and really make the most of your vacations. Your ride should be clean, functional and comfortable, perfect for trips to national parks or to the beach.
You got: Modified Truck Camper.

You’re a DIY-er who is proud of all your projects, your truck camper being one of them. You need to be able to get up and go when the mood strikes you.
You got: Pop-Up Camper.

You appreciate the simple things and don’t need a fancy ride to enjoy some well-deserved time off. You want something that’s easy to store and transport - no fuss for you. You’re a butterfly who transforms the same way a pop-up camper does.
You got: VW Vintage Van!

You’re a free spirit. Your friends envy your chill, laid back view on life. “Wanderlust” is your middle name, and the open road is your best friend. Peace and love, friend!